Top Product Management and UX Articles of 2021

In my opinion, these were the best product management and UX articles of 2021, which is the 6th year I’ve compiled this list. I read quite a few articles, and I’m very happy to include some new authors on the list this year. I hope you all enjoy the list as we look toward a brighter 2022.

Product Management

  1. Product Sprawl by Rich Mironov … Read it at
  2. The Hidden World of Pricing: Uber, Trulia, Etsy, Superhuman & More by Pete Flint … Read it at
  3. How Product Can (and Can’t) Speed Up Development by Rich Mironov … Read it at
  4. What Are Survival Metrics? How Do They Work? by Adam Thomas … Read it at
  5. ICED Theory — Growing Infrequent Products by Vivek Kumar … Read it at
  6. A Framework for Understanding Market Problems by Saeed KhanRead it on Medium
  7. A Framework for Understanding Value by Saeed KhanRead it on Medium
  8. Don’t Let Ego-Driven Development Drive Your Product Creation by Adam Thomas … Read it at
  9. Service design for product managers by Emily PattersonRead it on Medium
  10. Lifting the Feature Factory Boulder by Katie SaindonRead it on Medium

Honorable mentions:


  1. Design for Safety, An Excerpt by Eva PenzeyMoog … Read it at
  2. There’s no such thing as fully automated web accessibility by Anna E. CookRead it on Medium
  3. Legibility in User Interfaces by Nitish Khagwal … Read it at
  4. Best Practices For Modal Window Design by Nick BabichRead it on Medium
  5. A Comprehensive Guide to AI Assistant Design by Nick BabichRead it on Medium
  6. Getting Started with Journey Mapping: 27 Tips from Practitioners by Alita Joyce … Read it at
  7. Designing Human-Machine Interfaces For Vehicles Of The Future by Nick Babich and Gleb Kuznetsov … Read it at
  8. Recruiting and Screening Candidates for User Research Projects by Therese Fessenden … Read it at
  9. Dangerous UX: Consequential Options Close to Benign Options by Page Laubheimer … Read it at
  10. Overlay Overload: Competing Popups Are an Increasing Menace by Kate Moran … Read it at

Honorable mentions:

What did I forget to list? Please leave a comment and let me know. Note: I left out a lot of great podcasts and videos, but I hope someone else can compile a list of those.

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